Edita Tahiri: George Soros' son to be declared non grata! Stop Edi Rama, too!

In the focus

The former chief negotiator of the Kosovo-Serbia talks, Edita Tahiri has made a strong statement. She demanded on Wednesday that Kosovo declare non grata the son of the American tycoon, George Soros.

In a post on social networks, Tahiri wrote that Alex Soros was in Pristina two days ago, while Edi Rama is in Belgrade on Wednesday, emphasizing that "dangerous games are taking place in the Balkan region".

According to her, Alex Soros, as well as George Soros (his father) worked openly for the exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia.

"Edi Rama in Belgrade, Soros' son the day before yesterday in Pristina .... Dangerous games. Is there anyone to stop Rama and is there anyone to declare 'persona non grata' Soros' son who openly worked for the 'exchange of territories'," Tahiri said.

In the meantime the flag of Albania at its Embassy in Belgrade was torn up on Monday night and although there is clear footage of the perpetrators official Tirana has not reacted. On the contrary Albanian PM Edi Rama went to Belgrade on Wednesday evening embracing President Aleksandar Vucic.

Before landing to Belgrade Rama praised himself in the UN Glasgow Summit on climate that he was the tallest leader in the hall winning laughter by participants but unfortunately his tallness could not save Albania's national flag from being torn up by Serbs who might be younger and shorter than him!

Maybe this is the spirit of Sorroism- to humiliate and divide Albanians. / Argumentum.al