Editor’s note/ DP in its critical dilemma: “To Be Dismantled or Not?”

The statement of the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha after the meeting of the chairmanship, which have endorsed by majority of votes to convene the National Assembly on December 18, has brought about turmoil in the ranks of pro-Basha deputies and those who support the veteran leader of DP Sali Berisha. The latter have decided to convene the National Assembly on December 11.

"I am proud of the decision of the chairmanship and I want to thank everyone, regardless of their votes, for the commitment they demonstrated and the full legitimacy of the trust given to me by the Democrats. One party, one Assembly on December 18 and it is certain that I will not allow anyone to hold hostage the DP,” said Basha, who is raising his voice as December 11 is approaching.

The 4,200 signatures of the delegates of the DP National Assembly signed to convene the meeting of the highest decision-making forum on December 11, 2021 after the Foltore movement initiated by the historical leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, which is handed over to the DP headquarters and according to the statute, the structures are set in motion to organize the meeting on Saturday, December 11, the day of the founding of the Democratic Party.

Speaking on this controversial issue DP deputy Belind Kelliçi expressed on Tuesday his conviction that the National Assembly will be held only on December 11, and not on the 18th, as decided on Monday by the DP leadership.

"I guarantee you that there will be only one date, that is the 11th of December," said Kelliçi, invited to the ‘Morning Diary’ on A2 CNN TV on Tuesday. He admitted that the Foltore launched by the former chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha had mistakes, but according to him was the only way to bring change in the party. "Often the right to speak has been exceeded in Foltore., there has been have also been lynching. These are Foltore's mistakes, but it has brought the discussion back to the DP and is the only instrument to make a difference,” he said.

Kellici rejected the claims that in the meeting of the DP leadership there were physical confrontations, but only loud tones, as is normal, according to him, in such a situation.

The DP deputy said that Chairman Basha has changed his position by 180 degrees since the first day he decided to expel Berisha from the parliamentary group. "At first he refused that there was a crisis, while yesterday the chairmanship suddenly gathered for the first time to present a proposal that has no value. It simply divides the DP. This is the first National Assembly to be convened by delegates. I wish and I am convinced that we will have only one DP at the end of this process," he said.

But waves of surprise were caused for the DP deputy chairman, Grida Duma, who is a close collaborator of Basha who has declared that DP might be destroyed.

“If time has come that this party should be smashed, let it smash,” said Duma, causing wonder among the participants in the meeting of the DP chairmanship.

“Is the time of someone over in this party, and I mean the time of Sali Berisha. I remember that Sali Berisha said in 2013 I have resigned and I will never return,” said Duma who noted that the cultr of the individual should be erased. According to her, the fall of the cult of the individual should be the gong of the race.” in a direct address to Basha she asked him to make the DP for the future not hiding the hatred against Berisha. Maybe the latter has repented because it is he who promoted her like he did with his Benjamin Lulzim Basha making head of the party at a time when most of the membership did not like him.

But the opponents of Basha, Duma and company are increasing in number. Ledina Mandia, Secretary for Property Affairs, declared that the Assembly should convene as asked by those who have signed the petition that is on December 11.

“The Assembly should gather on December 11,” said Mandia, who was deputy PM in the DP-SP technical government in 2017.

Mandia said that she was worried to hear Duma say let the party be destroyed. “We should discuss to overthrow PM Edi Rama and not the split of the party,” said Mandia who spoke about her past as a persecuted family of the communist regime.

In the meantime, the other member of the chairmanship, Ervin Minarolli, Organizational Secretary, proposed to strike a deal between the two sides.

“Find a common date for the Assembly; unity is needed,” said Minarolli, who like Mandia thought that the will of the DP signatories is that the National Assembly should be convened on December 11.

But a member of the chairmanship, Fitim Zekthi, Basha’s supporter, has called Foltore acid and a Bolshevik movement.

Berisha will hold a rally in Fushe- Kruja on Tuesday evening which will be a case to learn more details on what is going to happen. / Argumentum.al