Five earthquakes in Bulqiza in Albania during the last 12 hours

Five seismic tremors were recorded in less than 12 hours in Bulqiza, northern Albania. The strongest hit was felt at 16.08 on Friday afternoon.

The residents of Bulqiza are anxious as the epicenter was only a few kilometers away from the city near the Qafa e Buallit.

The deputy prefect of Bulqiza, Avni Muliu said on Saturday that no damage was reported from the tremors of the previous day. On the other hand, Muliu said that the Municipality of Bulqiza has been asked not to allow the return of residents to an endangered building as a tragedy could occur.

Since October 29, 12 seismic tremors have been recorded in Bulqiza district.

Friday’s tremor shook many parts of Albania, particularly in central and northern areas. It was felt even in the Capital Tirana, but there is neither damage nor injuries, local authorities have announced. /