Flag raising ceremony in Vlora unites President Meta and PM Rama

The raising of the Flag in Vlora opened the beginning of the celebrations for the 109th anniversary of the proclamation of the Independence of Albania. The ceremony took place in the square bearing the same name in Vlora and was attended by the Head of State, Ilir Meta, the Speaker of Parliament, Lindita Nikolla and the Head of Government, Edi Rama.

Following the flag-raising ceremony, state and government leaders paid tribute and laid wreaths at the Independence Monument.

Congratulating the Independence Day, the President said that this day should serve Albanians as a reflection for them to unite and Albania to be a real lady.

"How can we leave in silence the most important holiday of our nation, the Flag Day, the Independence Day of Albania, but also the birthday of Adem Jashari? Today we have only messages of unity everywhere for all Albanians because this is the flag of all Albanians, it is the flag of Ismail Qemali, but it is also the flag of Isa Boletini," said Meta.

Further on he said that the occasion is an inspiration to unite and reflect so that Albania is truly a lady and has the place it has long deserved in the European Union.

Regarding the Vlora airport, whose works started on Sunday, the President gave this comment: "I believe that Vlora will be at the forefront of the union at all times, as it has always been, and of patriotism for the good of Albania." / Argumentum.al