Government under way of closing orphanages in Albania

The Orphanage in Vlora, southern Albania,  will be finally closed, while the 13 children who are there will be returned to their biological families. This was revealed by the head of the National Institute for the Integration of Albanian Orphans, Ilir Cumani in an interview on a local TV on Wednesday.

The problem gets worse as employees say they are also concerned about the fate of children, who could end up in violent families. The process started in September 2019, when by means of a government decision it was ruled not to accept new cases in the institution.

"In the conditions we are today, we are far from the standards. So we must act step by step to increase these capacities for all children who need care. The service that these institutions provide must be standardized, as children who receive their service have special needs, therefore they need multidisciplinary services, as well as work with experts in the field," said Cumani.

According to him, that concern is often raised, as these children must also have a qualified service from the employees who serve there. "But the state must also create special care strategies in the implementation of this plan that affects children in Orphanages, as their absence could cause a major social bomb with other ensuing effects," said Cumani. /