Kurti: "We are more than 2 countries to be distracted"

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has said that government officials of Kosovo and Albania should speak as diplomats and work as patriots. He made that comment in the frame of the joint meeting of the two governments held on Friday.

"The integration of our two states is as strategic and priprinciples. The number of agreements must be accompanied by quality in their implementation. As patriots we must strengthen our two states, patriotism today is to fight crime, to work for media freedom and inclusive economics,"Kurti said.

Further on he said that they have a duty to cooperate with each other, as well as to protect each other. "We are more than 2 states to be distracted. We need to find the common appeal."

In addition Kurti said the common railway is increasing the importance of the most important port of Albanians in Durres.

"We live with our neighbors who have a common past but we will also share the future. We are opening common border points. We are increasing cultural cooperation," he said, concluding by appealing: "Let 's speed up the steps of action." / Argumentum.al