No rerun of the 2019 local power elections, rules Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court has annulled the lawsuit filed by the Association of Municipalities for the rerun of the 2019 local elections. The court said on November 2, when the last hearing was held, that it would announce the decision within 30 days, but this decision came earlier. It is not yet known what will happen to the 6 municipalities that are still without a mayor, while it is also expected what reasoning will be given by the 7 members of the Constitutional Court, said News 24 TV on Thursday.

In the meantime, President Ilir Meta is expected to be summoned to the Constitutional Court shortly to present his facts and evidence, and then all parties have been asked to submit their claims in writing, until the issue passes to the plenary session.

Socialist majority is pressing to dismiss Meta and a parliamentary investigation commission framed a report demanding the Constitutional Court to fire the current president. Everything is pending while Meta has repeatedly said he will stay in office until August 2022 when his mandate ends. /