Parliament to ask Venice Commission’s opinion on extension of mandate of vetting process

The Albanian Parliament will address the Venice Commission for an opinion on the constitutional amendment to postpone the term of the bodies of the vetting process in Albania.

This was decided on Friday at the joint meeting of the Council for Legislation and the parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights, at the request of the Socialist Party MP, Klotilda Bushka.

Due to the absence of opposition MPs in this meeting, the Speaker of Parliament, Lindita Nikolla requested their presence at the next meeting to move forward with the process.

Subsequently, the deputies of the Socialist Party, Klotilda Bushka and Fatmir Xhafaj addressed some questions to the elected constitutional experts, Aurela Anastasi and Erind Merkuri, leaving the deadline for the return of answers on November 23.

The candidacy of Silva Caka was approved at Friday’s meeting as an expert to assist the commission after a request by the Socialist Movement for Integration MP, Erisa Xhixho.  /