Petition signed by citizens pressing for hanging assassin of boy in Fier

The relatives of the macabrely killed 8-year-old and many citizens have demanded the death penalty for the perpetrator of the murder, Klodian Calamani.

The relatives of the little boy demanded on Thursday that the criminal be hanged in the middle of the southern city of Fier. Among other things, they called on citizens to join the initiative and sign the petition. The anger of the citizens is high. They gathered in front of the Fier Court for hours seeking justice as the jury ruled imprisonment for the culprit.

They unanimously demanded "Hanging" of the criminal.

"The police work, but the court leaves them. They are dirty persons, even the defense lawyers who stand by these wicked people," said an angrycitizen.

"We will be here day by day. I am dead," said the father of the murdered boy through tears. "We will not leave that boy, he will be hung at any cost. We do not hope anything from the state," said the mother.

"I give him bread with my money. I work for him to feed him in prison. Let him be punished by hanging," said another citizen. / /