PM Rama says Albania's EU accession process being undermined by Bulgarian veto on North Macedonia

Albania has met all the conditions for the opening of the accession negotiations with the EU, but the process is being undermined by the veto imposed by Bulgaria on North Macedonia.

This was declared by Prime Minister Edi Rama in an interview with the French media "France 24", where he spoke about a number of issues, starting with EU integration, the fight against corruption and the difficulty of finding anti-COVID vaccines on Saturday.

Rama called it a very absurd situation when Albania is as collateral damage of a conflict situation between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, as it has received the green light not only from the Commission, but also from the European Council. "Bulgaria has taken out of its pocket the demands of historical and identity character towards North Macedonia and the process remains blocked," he said adding that neither the French presidency tomorrow nor France, Germany and others today have the strength to move Bulgaria, which refuses to move from a rather complicated position.

Regarding the initiative Open Balkans Rama said this initiative does not provide restrictions and is open to all, and the goal is to improve the lives of citizens. He also added that the previous conflicts between the Balkan states are the ones that are not advancing this process.

Rama also mentioned Kosovo, saying that it is an independent and sovereign state and should be recognized by Serbia as such. The path, according to the head of the Albanian government, is the one followed by France with Germany, after the end of the Second World War. /