PM worried about garbage in Albania saying businesses should pay more for cleaning

Prime Minister Edi Rama said at a meeting with mayors and perfects on Saturday that businesses should pay more for cleaning. Rama stressed that high fines further reduce the problem, while he said that they are not taxes, but a punishment.
Dwelling on the problems at the coastal cities, the PM said that the division of beaches should be done with strict criteria so that there is no other case like the serious event that happened during the summer of this year.
After a debate for several meters of beach territory, 4 people were killed and 2 others were injured in Velipoja
"The division of beaches must be done with very strict criteria and the story of those who come from the other side of the country to get beaches must end," he said. According to him, the hotels in the front line have the right to use it despite the tax they pay to the municipality.
"If you walk for an hour in Paris it is full of bags because businesses have a certain hour when they have to take out the black garbage bags. There is no chance for a business to take its bags to the garbage containers because it is there the collapse we see in our cities. Businesses have to pay more for cleaning," concluded Rama. /