President Backs Urge of Catholic Bishops to Government to Fight Poverty in Albania

President Ilir Meta has reacted after the strong call of the Bishops of the Albanian Catholic Church to the government to take concrete measures for the poorest, the people in need, when prices in the country have risen significantly and another increase is expected.

On the fifth World Day of the Poor on Sunday even the Catholic Bishops of Albania launched a message about the challenge of poverty in Albania by addressing the Government, Parliament, Financial Institutions and Municipalities of the country and at the same time offering cooperation to face this social plague.

On the occasion of the Fifth World Day for the Poor, which is celebrated on November 14, 2021, with the theme "You always have the poor with you", the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Albania, express their concern, noting the very negative effects of the global economic crisis, which is intertwined with the peculiarities of the critical situation that has plagued Albania for a long time, said the message.

President Meta stated in his message on social networks on Sunday that he fully supported Bishops' awareness message and stresses the need for a responsible economic policy that fights poverty and prevents depopulation.

"I fully support the awareness and current message addressed to all state institutions in the country by the Bishops of the Albanian Catholic Church, the missionaries of God, who are every day close to the poor, the needy and the marginalized segments of the population doing their best to guarantee their well-being and dignity as human beings, to give voice to their causes, promote solidarity, administration and fair distribution of common goods," noted President.

According to him, Albanians need a responsible economic policy in the interest of the citizens, which fights poverty, guarantees full social inclusion.

"We need support for the needy and their integration into society, which would prevent the depopulation of the country!” declared President Meta./