President marks the 11th anniversary of visa liberalizations for Albania at a meeting with PE Rapporteur Santos

As November 8 marks the 11th anniversary of the decision of the Council of Europe (CE) for the liberalizations of visas for Albania, President Ilir Meta had a meeting with the Rapporteur for Albania in PE, Isabel Santos on Monday.

According to a post released by Meta on social networks, the interlocutors shared the view that organized crime and immigration are a serious concern, which should be treated with priority in Albania.

"I praised the commitment of her and the European Parliament in support of the start of membership negotiations with Albania. We agreed that organized crime and immigration are serious concerns that should be addressed with priority. Today marks the 11th anniversary of the European Council decision on visa liberalization with Albania," said the President, who was deputy PM and Foreign Minister when that historical decision was made.

Meta said that it is necessary for this process to be concluded with the Balkans by liberalizing visas as soon as possible with Kosovo, the only country that has not yet been enabled this right even after meeting all the conditions.

"I also stressed the importance of regional cooperation, focusing on the worrying situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina to which the European Union must pay due attention without wasting time," concluded President Meta in his post on talks with MEP Santos. /