President Refutes Greek Embassy's verbal protest on Chameria exhibition

President Ilir Meta has turned down a note of protest by Greek Embassy which considered as provocation an exhibition organized by civil society with thousands of years old photographs and maps found in Encyclopedias and Museums of various countries of the world, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece.
Meta's spokesman Tedi Blushi said on Friday President accepted the invitation to take a closer look at this exhibition, organized outside the premises of the Institution, without undertaking to verify the accuracy or make the interpretation of the exhibited materials.
The exhibition was organized out of presidential premises on November 15, 2021.
But according to the main Greek newspapers the exhibition dedicated to Chameria in the Presidency is a provocation.
Greece, through a diplomatic response to the Presidency of the Republic of Albania, says that this is a provocative exhibition where photos and maps are presented with the theme of the so-called "Tsam genocide" but also "the occupation of Albanian territories by Greece."
"Every serious state must be clear that the President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta is not accountable for his decisions and attitudes before any embassy accredited in Tirana, but only before the Parliament of the Republic of Albania and the Albanian people," said presidential spokesman.
According to him, every foreign representation of every state in Tirana that adheres to the Vienna Convention should follow only the official path through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any claim or explanation regarding the activity or attitudes of the President of the Republic
Blushi concluded by saying that as the world knows President Meta has been, is and will remain a staunch opponent of border changes in the Balkans. /