Putin to Vucic: Russia supports Serbia’s stance on Kosovo

Moscow has unwavering support for Belgrade’s position about the Kosovo settlement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Socchi on Thursday.

"Regarding our efforts and joint steps on the international stage, including the Kosovo settlement, you know that our position is based on a principle and isn’t subject to the current political situation," Putin said as quoted by TASS.

"We support your position about the Kosovo settlement and I hope the situation will eventually come to a point when it will serve the interests of all the people living in the region.’’

Vucic earlier said his discussions with Putin would focus on the situation in the Balkans, including the tensions around Kosovo, which spiked twice during the past fall after what he called aggressive actions by the government in Pristina. Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in February 2008 and has lately been pushing to join international organizations, including UNESCO and Interpol.

More than 110 countries have recognized

More than 60 countries don’t recognize Kosovo’s independence and it's involved in all regional initiatives as an sovereign country, but countries like Russia, India, China and five members of the European Union do not recognize its independence most of which have their own territorial disputes. / Argumentum.al