Rama says Bulgarian veto on North Macedonia collateral damage for Albania

Albania does not yet have a date for holding the first Intergovernmental meeting with the EU and its destiny is linked to that of North Macedonia due to Bulgarian veto on Skopje.

Prime Minister Edi Rama made that statement at a press conference in Italy where he is on an official visit at the invitation of his counterpart Mario Draghi on Wednesday.

"Albania's European integration is not something they have forced or demanded from us, it is something that is part of the debt we owe to the younger generations. It is part of Albania's destiny, it has been the dream of all of us, who have always had the other coast as destination. We will continue to do what we are doing," he said.

According to Rama, Italy is an irreplaceable partner for all the help it has given Albanians just like other partner friendly countries with a little patience. "Enlargement is the destiny of the EU, if the Union wants to complete the founding fathers project," Rama said.

Further on, the Prime Minister said the Netherlands and France are working to lift the veto imposed by Bulgaria on North Macedonia. In addition he said the separation of the Albanian case from that of North Macedonia is difficult.

"We will wait for the new Bulgarian president, we will see what attitude the Bulgarian state will take and we will see how far the effect of all the pressures that have been exerted at different levels will reach," Rama concluded.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that the integration of the Western Balkans sees the countries together.

"It is too early to say what steps Italy will take. The obstacles will be overcome so that the integration process continues," said Draghi. / Argumentum.al