Russia Ready to Discuss All Space Security Issues With US

Russia is ready to discuss the entire spectrum of space security issues with all interested countries, including the United States, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.
"We confirm our readiness to discuss the entire spectrum of space security issues with all interested states, including the United States. We are convinced that the launch of negotiations on an international agreement prohibiting the deployment of any types of weapons in space, the use or threat of the use of force against or with space objects — the right way to reduce tensions and relieve states' concerns in the context of ensuring the safety of space activities," Zakharova said in a statement.
The United States is pursuing a policy of using space for combat operations and deploying strike systems in it to achieve military superiority there, she noted.
"In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that since the 1950s, the United States has been steadily pursuing a policy of using outer space for conducting combat operations and deploying strike weapons systems in it in order to achieve military superiority up to the achievement of total domination in space. The corresponding tasks are enshrined in the updated 'Defense Space Strategy' and the doctrinal document of the US Space Forces," she said.
"In order to implement these policy, Washington and its allies are carrying out large-scale programs to develop weapons systems designed to use force or threat by force in space, from space or against space, including in a proactive manner. We are talking, first of all, about the creation of a space-based anti-missile grouping (including interceptors), as well as means of unauthorized influence on objects of orbital space infrastructure," Zakharova said.
Within the framework of these activities, Washington is testing the latest strike-combat weapons of various types in orbit without prior notification, including with the destruction of its spacecraft, she added.
Russia's requests to the United States to clarify the tasks performed on the platform of the unmanned space shuttle X-37B as part of its current mission remain unanswered, she noted.