SP Prime Minister ready to participate at round table of political forces in Albania

The ruling Socialist Party (SP) chairman and Prime Minister, Edi Rama pledged that they will participate in a round table of the political forces as proposed by Fatmir Mediu, chairman of the Republican Party in coalition with the opposition Democratic Party (DP), without asking who will attend it or who will not.
“It would be a valuable initiative,” said Rama in his remarks in the plenary session of Parliament, part of whose deliberations was the 2022 draft budget on Monday.
In a comment on the normative act and the Eurobond itself, the PM said the Eurobond is not another debt. It is a liquid financing mechanism of the debt itself.
"It is not a debt to pay off the debt, but it is a mechanism that gives us the opportunity to cope with rising costs and to cope with the whole process of financing the debts taken in many years, all together," said Rama.
He said that when SP took power from the DP the debt was 74%. "Today it is true, it is higher than 74%, but there is a reason and the reason is related to the fact that two very serious events have occurred that have created the immediate need to borrow- the earthquake and the pandemic," said the PM.
In conclusion of his remarks he made fun of the critical situation in the Democratic Party which is involved in a fight for leadership by saying the following: "In conclusion of his remarks he made fun of the situation in the DP by saying the following: “DP has at its helm two heads of a bird which shivers in pain because now it is formalized that it is  two-headed bird, but it is not an eagle. I still do not know which species it will look like in the end, but not the eagle!” /Argumentum.al