SP proposes deputy Damian Gjiknuri as co-chairman of the commission on electoral reform

The deputy, Damian Gjiknuri, a former minister, has been proposed by the majority to be co-chairman of the Commission on the Electoral Reform. This was made public on Monday by the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla in a press conference.

"In the meeting of the SP parliamentary group, we discussed among other issues the request coming from the Democratic Party (DP) group for the establishment of the Special Commission on Electoral Reform. We have approved our full agreement today to set up this commission, and we we will propose Mr. Gjiknuri as co-chairman," said Balla.

He hoped that the Democratic Party (DP) would do the same. "Then the two co-chairmen will form and formulate the draft decision. We have many existing formulas of how to organize electoral reform. They are directed by the co-chairmen, or with the intervention of the parties. Therefore, let the work continue, respecting all the parliamentary representation we have in the Albanian Parliament, "Balla said.

The proposals have the support of more than 28 deputies. The Parliament clearly sets out how initiatives are supported. Once this deadline has been met, the Speaker convenes a joint meeting of the Legislative Council. "In this provision set out by the rules be assured that Speaker Nikolla is above the parties and will abide by the rules," Balla said, adding that Democrats have been informed about this.

"Today we will have the first meeting of the Council of Legislation and Laws. Our proposal on constitutional changes is a proposal that has been recommended by Albania's international friends, as it deals with technical issues for the continuation o f a historic process such as the vetting system," said the head of the SP parliamentary group, Balla. / argumentum.al