Survey finds Albanians choose the EU over the US

The majority of the population in Albania has a different opinion from the one that tries to impose the ruling caste, which runs after the strongest, said and euronews Albania on Friday.
These are the results of a survey by Euronews for the period 20-29 October 2021, conducted by MRB and "Data Centrum" at the national level with 1000 face-to-face interviews. According to it, Albanians choose the EU over the US.
In the event of a conflict between the US and the EU, which has nothing to do with Albania, most Albanians would side with the EU.
Slightly more than half of the citizens (56.9%) think that Albania should be in favor of the EU and about a third (32.6%) in favor of the US. Only 6% think that in such a conflict Albania should be neutral. The results, part of a Euronews Albania survey on citizens' expectations for EU membership, do not show whether these preferences are the result of policies pursued by the US in recent years in Albania, or whether this is a long-standing trend.
It is Interesting the fact that the preference for Europe is stronger at young ages. Twice as many Albanians of the approximate age of 55 want to side with the EU. This gap narrows amongst older ages and it narrows significantly at the age of over 65 showing relatively more siding with the US compared to other ages. /