Turkish film week launched in Albania to last until November 26

Turkey's Yunus Emre Institute (YEE), which introduces Turkey's cultural heritage in creative ways to foreigners, launched a Turkish Film Week in the Albanian capital Tirana Monday. The five-day festival was inaugurated with the film, "Yedinci Koğuştaki Mucize" ("Miracle in Cell No. 7") in a movie theater in Tirana.

Turkey's Ambassador to Tirana Murat Ahmet Yörük said at the ceremony that Turkish cinema and the Turkish television series industry have gained significant developments in recent years.

"Turkish cinema and the Turkish TV series industry has entered a period of significant development and breakthrough. We are fortunately coming to the point where we can talk about a different school when it comes to world-class Turkish cinema, and when it comes to the Turkish TV series industry, and a different school when it comes to Turkish directors and Turkish actors,” said Yörük. "Turkish TV series has a significant audience and fan base in many different geographies from Venezuela to Taiwan, from Sweden to sub-Saharan Africa.”

Albanian film actress Julian Deda said the festival was a step for the development of cooperation bridges in the field. "Turkish films and serials are widely watched and loved in Albania and have become a part of the family,'' said Deda.

Turkish Film Week will run until Nov. 26.

"Bizim İçin Şampiyon" ("Champion"), "Rafadan Tayfa Dehliz Macerası" ("Rafadan Tayfa: A Passage to Adventure," "Af" ("Forgiveness") and "Nasipse Adayız" ("You Know Him") will also be screened as part the event. / argumentum.alwith AA and dailysabah.com