Unchanged antagonistic stances of Rama and Kurti on Open Balkans initiative

Albania's Premier Edi Rama has made the tragic warning that when the eagle, the national symbol of Albanians, changes from two- headed into one headed there's a risk because it bites itself.
"We are a two-headed eagle, when we are a one-headed eagle, we risk biting ourselves," Rama said in a comment on the antagonistic stances of him and Kosovo PM Albin Kurti on the Open Balkans initiative.
Such a different stance was held even in the joint meeting of the two governments held in Elbasan on Friday. But this, according to Prime Minister Rama, is not an obstacle for the relationship between the two countries.
"We have two different approaches on the Open Balkans, but this does not prevent us from doing the right things together for the future of our two countries. I think that these different opinions on the Open Balkans do not constitute an obstacle to strengthening relationin between us," Rama said.
"If I refer to the two-headed eagle, it is a single body, when the heads look in different directions, but the body stands straight. Do not have any doubt that the two-headed eagle is in danger of being caught by surprise on one side or the other after control. We have 360-degree eyes. We are two-headed eagles, but when we are one-headed eagles we risk biting ourselves. I am optimistic about the development of our relations," Rama said at the joint press conference with Kurti. /argumentum.al