UNICEF Albania condemns tragic death of boy, calls for nationwide reflection

“UNICEF condemns any act of violence against children.  We need a nationwide reflection and the reaction of all actors to enable the effective protection of any child at risk of violence or abuse,” has said the UNICEF Office in Albania in its reaction on the brutal assassination of an 8-year-old boy in a village of the town of Fier.

According to the statement released by the press office of that international organization in Tirana on Thursday, it is important to radically change those norms and social values that tolerate and accept violence and abuse.

“Once and for all we must say unanimously that opposing and preventing Violence and Abuse is everyone's duty! A couple of days before the celebration of the Convention of the Rights of the Child UNICEF Albania calls for the protection of children from all forms of violence and harm. UNICEF Albania calls on all actors to secure full protection of children’s rights and reaffirms its commitment to support the country in its efforts,” concluded the statement.

A wave of anger is rising among the people in Fier and Albania and they are strongly demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty for cases like the macabre assassination of the boy in the town of Fier. A petition is being signed by citizens of all walks of life to be addressed to the highest authorities and international organizations. / Argumentum.al