Washington's top diplomat to Tirana advises SP and DP to let alone differences,

US Ambassador to Tirana Yuri Kim has advised the heads of the parliamentary groups of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) and of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Taulant Balla dhe Alfred Rushaj to treat each other with mutual respect, to discuss differences honestly, to rise above unilateralism when it is possible.

Ambassador Kim has been busy meeting authorities of both sides in an apparent effort to get them as close as possible. Kim has ignored a large part of the DP which follows veteran DP leader Sali Berisha, the pick up of Washington in 1990s after the fall of communism in Albania.

Now US State Department has declared Berisha and his family persona non grata which is rejected by former PM who has filed a lawsuit against Secretary Bliken with a French Court which has accepted to take upon the case.

"I thank the chairmen of the parliamentary groups, Taulant Balla and Alfred Rushaj for today's meeting to share views on the respective legislative priorities," said Kim. "It is important for the parties to treat each other with mutual respect, to discuss divisions honestly, to rise above bias when possible," said Ambassador Kim. "

With the return of the DP in the Parliamentar, the opposition has presented several initiatives for the establishment of commissions of inquiry and some constitutional changes, while the majority proposed extending the terms of Vetting institutions.  Majority did not agree on the politicians' vetting.  / argumentum.al