"Wind" of vividness, expectation and optimism felt in DP

By Tritan Shehu*

One more reason why the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) is a necessity! Otherwise we risk the worst! The interference without statute and far from the democratic autonomy of our partner organizations, in this case against Youth Forum of the Democratic (FRPD), is another clear and urgent message to convene the Assembly and to identify, sanction, formulate from the beginning, if necessary, the collegial rules of our coexistence.
I, as one of the founders of the Democratic Party, former Chairman, MP, as a member of it, consider this necessary and I look forward to December 11th.
It seems that the time has come to take some steps, to set some rules, which unfortunately we did not achieve, or we managed to partially put in the past, precisely to sanction being together under our principles with diversity within them.
The DP, as a large party aspiring to govern this country brought to the "brink of collapse" by this typical Eastern regime in order to restore it to democracy, prosperity and the West, must first clearly and firmly reconfirm the democratic and tolerant "frame" within itself.
Only in this way Albanians will trust and follow us in our political actions. Fortunate expect a "wind" of vividness, expectation and optimism is being felt with those "Foltore", which aim at exactly this. However, this process must now be concluded by gathering and deciding together in our National Assembly. /argumentum.al

*Tritan Shehu is MP, one of founders of DP and has been former foreign and health minister