Zero' tolerance on misbehavior against journalists by police bodies promised as hostile stance towards media goes on

A police officer was fired because of an incident with a journalist while she was reporting on a criminal event in the suburban areas of Tirana on Saturday, according to an announcement issued by Interior Minister Bledi Cuci on Sunday. Cuci said that the director of the State Police and the director of the SHCBA have immediately communicated with the journalist (Anila Hoxha), and based on her report, the effective will be prosecuted.

"I apologize and thank the journalist Hoxha, as well as I call on all citizens who encounter such police officers not to remain silent, but to denounce them. I guarantee that the tolerance for these ugly performances like the one of the previous day will be zero," underlined Cuci. He urged State Police personnel not to allow themselves to fall to this level, which automatically excludes them from the ranks of blue uniforms.

Meanwhile, the State Police announced that in relation to the incident that occurred on Saturday evening with some journalists in Qafë Mollë, the Director of the Local Police Directorate of Tirana has immediately suspended from duty the police officer Sh.T.

In addition, the General Director of the State Police, Gledis Nano, has ordered the Directorate of Professional Standards in the State Police to immediately launch an administrative investigation in order to clarify the case. The State Police considers media relations as a priority for the purpose of informing the public and is determined to punish any police officer who performs misconduct by abusing his duty to the detriment of the image of the State Police and damaging media relations. of citizens.

In connection with this incident, the SHCBA also reacted, announcing that it has launched an inspection to fully clarify the circumstances, as well as to bring to justice the employees of the State Police who have shown unethical behavior.

Some police officers had an incorrect behavior with media representatives, and in particular with the journalist, Anila Hoxha during the reporting of a criminal event on Saturday. /