2021 ends with another drug mark in Albania considered as the most ‘contaginous’ drug spot in Europe

A huge quantity of cocaine was seized on December 31 as 2021 is ending leaving behind an frightful drug activity in Albania considered as one of the most ‘contaginous’ drug spots in Europe competing with traditional drug trafficking countries in Latin America.

Investigating police on Friday received information that some unidentified persons have stopped in Romanat of Durrës, a truck transporting a container loaded with bananas from the port of Durrës for a warehouse in Vaqarr. As a result of the immediate reaction in the frame of Romanat operation it became possible to find the container loaded with bananas. During the search inside it, the Police services found and seized 119 kilograms of suspected narcotics cocaine as material evidence.

From the first investigative actions it resulted that the container was transited to a port in Italy, where the Italian law enforcement authorities have ascertained the lack of seal and for this reason they have exercised control and have ascertained the lack of boxes with bananas. After this ascertainment, they closed and re-sealed the container, accompanying it with the relevant minutes.

The container arrived at the port of Durrës and after customs clearance and scanning operations it was found clean and left the port destined for the firm's warehouses on the outskirts of the city of Tirana.

Along the national road Durrës - Tirana, in a place called Romanat, the truck transporting the container was stopped by unidentified persons, who for several minutes exercised control over the truck and the container with bananas and then left quickly after checking the container. Representatives of the banana importing company have informed the State Police about this situation.

Citizens detained: H. S., 63 years old and G. K., 31 years old, resident in Tirana, drivers of the company. M. M., 34 years old, resident in Tirana, administrator of an import-export firm with Latin American countries. Intensive work continues to identify and apprehend the persons who exercised control in the truck transporting the container with narcotics. / Argumentum.al