After December 11 there will be one Democratic Party in Albania

The National Assembly called by supporters of the veteran Democratic Party (DP) leader, Sali Berisha will be held at Air Albania stadium in Tirana on December 11 and will conclude at the DP headquarters.

The press director of the movement of the  marathon meetings of Berisha with DP grassroots across Albania held under the emblem of Foltore (rostrum), Floriana Garo, has revealed details on what will happen on that day which has become the highlight of the political scene of this Balkan country catching the interest of diplomats with US Ambassador Yuri Kim siding openly with current DP head Lulzim Basha in numerous statements cursing Berisha and his followers.

In an interview with Ora News TV on Wednesday, Garo said that the Assembly will start on December 11 at around 10:00 in the morning, initially with the verification of the delegates' signatures. The goal is to ensure as much transparency as possible for the media and members.

"About 5200 delegates' signatures have been collected. The delegates who have signed will be in an area completely separate from the rest of the supporters, members and all those who want to be present. The Assembly will start at Air Albania and will end at the DP Headquarters. We want to provide as much transparency as possible to the media and members," she said.

Garo also stated that there will be no Foltore until Saturday, December 11 and that all decisions will be taken in the National Assembly, emphasizing that after the Assembly there will be no more two Democratic Party groups.

"All decisions will be made in the Assembly. Our goal is to go to the DP headquarters. But the decisions will be made in the Assembly. This Assembly will express the will of the Democrats, the will of the membership. Membership is taking over the fate of the party. After December 11, there will be no more two groups, but only one Democratic Party, which will express the will of the DP membership," Garo said. /