Albania in its 66th anniversary as UN member excpecting to take seat in Security Council; no appreciation for veterans' diplomacy

Editor's Note

The 66th anniversary of the membership of Albania to the United Nations was marked by the Foreign Minister, Olta Xhacka in a post on social networks on Tuesday.

Xhacka said that 66 years later Albania is a reliable member of the UN and ready to contribute to peace, security and prosperity as a member of the Security Council.

Albania became a member of the UN on December 14, 1955 when the country was ruled by the communist regime and the world was divided into two blocks the eastern communist block and the western one which delayed Albania's membership through various maneuvers in the atmosphere of the Cold War.

"66 years ago on this day Albania became a member of the UN. 66 years later, Albania is a very different country, a reliable member of the community of nations, a staunch supporter of multilateral engagement and ready to contribute to peace, security and prosperity as a member of the Security Council," Xhacka said.

After 66 years of membership, it was voted for the first time to be a temporary member of the UN Security Council for a 2-year term. The mandate starts on January 1, 2022. This Council consists of 15 members, where the US, UK, France, Russia and China are 5 permanent members while the other 10 member countries have a two-year term.

But minister Xhacka did not say a word of respect for the diplomats who represented Albania in the UN and other international bodies in decades as if the 'year zero' of Albanian participation in the UN is 2013 when Rilindja came to power with Edi Rama as PM.

No one forgets the high class expertise of diplomats like Halim Budo, Behar Shtylla,  Nesti Nase, Reis Malile, Muhamet Kapllani, Sokrat Plaka, and many others who despite restrictions of the time showed excellent diplomatic talent and professionalism.

It is a landmark in the Albanian diplomacy the performance of the Albanian diplomatic representatives contributing to the membership of China in the UN which was kept blocked by the US and its closest allies. China misses no chance to evaluate highly the role of Albanian diplomacy in that endeavor which was just as that country and its 1.4 bn people were deprived of  their legal seat at the UN. pays high respect to all those diplomats of the past decades who in spite of the ideological division of the world showed their diplomatic skills and some of them have always been remembered in the UN diplomatic circles and other countries.