AmCham and taxes authority in attempt to carry out fiscalization process

The experts of the Tax and Customs Committee in the American Chamber met with the head of the General Directorate of Taxes (GDT), Ceno Klosi and senior representatives of this institution to discuss technical issues of implementation of the fiscalization process.

The American Chamber of Commerce announced that during the meeting held on Monday issues such as access to the central invoicing platform, fiscalization of imports, duplication of sales invoices, issuance of corrective invoices for previously issued invoices were addressed.

Other issues like review and adjustment of VAT books on the central invoice platform, the need for a manual on the types of processes, invoices, payments, errors, etc., as well as the need for legal changes in the bylaws on fiscalization in order to clarify issues were part of the discussion.

"The US Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly requested the extension of the transition period allowing for the e-filing of the book of sales and purchases, as well as the extension of the deadline for the implementation of penalties under the law on tax procedures until the end of 2022," said AmCham.

Meanwhile, the GDT expressed its commitment to address all issues for each interest group involved in the implementation of the fiscalization process.

"The Tax Administration remains fully committed to solving and addressing all issues for each interest group involved in the implementation of this reform and fiscalization of entities by the end of the year," said the GDT. /