Basha in nervous rush to dismiss Berisha's supporters from leading bodies as he is dismissed by Sunday's Assembly which refounded DP as a conservative Party

Illegal, divisive and anti-statutory considered Saturday's National Assembly launched by the historic leader of Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha, the current chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha on Sunday.

During the meeting of the remaining National Council, he expressed his gratitude to the members who have not boycotted him to join Berisha, and said that non- divisive rhetoric is the only way forward.

"With an illegal, anti-statutory, divisive decision, Berisha also suspended the national council. I am grateful for your effort and those you represent not to let divisive rhetoric prevail. This is the only way forward," said Basha who submitted a resolution denouncing Saturday's National Assembly initiated by Berisha and his supporters.

Saturday's Assembly dismissed Basha and a DP membership referendum will be held to formalize that decision on December 18.

The resolution proposed by Basha on Sunday confirmed the December 18 Assembly initiated by him, backed the current chairman, the chaimanship and the parliamentary group.

In his speech to a council which was few in number of members present Basha said: "Yesterday it was founded the first anti-American organization in 30 years, after that of Enver Hoxha."

The DP National Assembly initiated by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha held its  deliberations on Saturday which will go down in the history as the day of the refoundation of DP starting the path of a conservative party after 31 years of its existence, according to speakers in the forum.

The chairmanship of the Democratic Party, convened by Lulzim Basha on Sunday, dismissed 11 branch heads among whom the branch chairmen of Tropoja, Shijak, Fushë-Krujë, Tirana 1, Tirana 3, Tirana 9, Paskuqan, Devoll, Kolonja, Vlora and Gjirokastra.

In the meantime MP Tritan Shehu said on Sunday that the National Assembly convened by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha was an excellent lesson of democracy and its strength.

In a post on "Facebook" on Sunday, Shehu, a former FM, thanked all those who joined the Assembly of Berisha, while adding that together they will achieve not only to rebuild the opposition, which Albania needs more than ever today, but also they will carry out not far away the great "overthrow"  for liberating and placing the country on the "rails" of development and integration." /