Berisha and Basha dismiss each other in split DP, as Vucic to be ‘welcomed’ with protest to Tirana

Full of activities the supporters of the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP) closed the referendum on the reestablishment of the party and the dismissal of the current party head, Lulzim Basha on Saturday and their action will continue on December 20, 2021 with a protest in Tirana against the scandal of incinerators and the visit of the Serbian President, Alexandar Vucic who will take part in the meeting of the Open Balkans in Tirana on Monday.

According to media reports, the referendum called by Sali Berisha fired Lulzim Basha with 99 percent of the votes cast by Democrat delegates in the referendum called by him. There is no official result yet of the referendum, but Berisha and his supporters marched triumphantly to the DP headquarters on Saturday evening where Basha was holding a meeting of his party’s chairmanship. There were people wearing black masks on the terrace of the DP building but state police said they did not belong to its forces as accused by Democrats. In the meantime, Basha has locked down the building turning it into a fortified castle.

Berisha did not make any effort to enter the DP building but told the supporters that the referendum was successful.

"The fate of (late communist leader) Ramiz Alia will be here. History repeats itself dear friends. In 1991, this neighborhood, one of the most democratic in this country, reserved the embarrassing defeat for the last communist dictator… After 30 years, this same neighborhood reserves the same fate to Lulzim Brava (lock), or Peng (hostage) Basha, with one difference. The communist dictator was not born in that neighborhood, and Lulzim Brava was born there. With these he takes hostage Lul Brava, filling his terrace with guards and RENEA troops, turning Lul Brava into a real asset of the government. I tell (PM Edi) Rama that the revolution is knocking on the rotten doors of your building. Leave the games and do not play with political pluralism," said Berisha.

Further on, he said that he bows before the 44,000 Democrats who decided with their vote in the most plebiscite way the removal of the hostage; Basha should step down from the final direction of the political force on Saturday. This is the most deserved punishment that a person uses the highest duty for personal bargaining," said Berisha.

In a post on FB released on Sunday Berisha announced that the protest of Democrats will start at 16:00. The gathering of protesters will take place at the headquarters of the Democratic Party to continue towards the Prime Minister’s office.

Former chief negotiator of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Edita Tahiri has spoken out in favor of holding a protest on Monday to oppose President Vucic's visit to Tirana.

Through a reaction on ‘Facebook’, Tahiri defended the protest called by Berisha.

"The Open Balkans will put the people under Serbian hegemony, which is Vucic’s dream on the eve of his arrival in Tirana tomorrow. However, the revived opposition of Albania will show him tomorrow that he can only dream. Tomorrow's protests in Tirana are also in defense of Kosovo and must be supported by all Albanians!" said Tahiri on Sunday.

PM Rama made fun of both DP leaders calling them political skeletons in a post on social networks on Sunday.  /