Cards of supporters of December 11 Democrat Assembly being officially distributed

Delegates who have demanded a meeting of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) on December 11 are handing out cards in which their personal details are written, as well as party symbols have been used. The card provided by local media on Sunday shows the logo of the Democratic Party on its left, and on the right, next to it, it says "National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Albania".

Positioned a little below, on the right side, it is also specified: "Called by the delegates on December 11, 2021", while the name of the member stands below it. The online configuration is also stamped on this card.

It is worth mentioning that the group that supports Lulzim Basha in the DP has reacted through the Secretary General, Gazment Bardhi regarding this development.

According to him, the use of party logos and the illustration of members is an illegal action and is based on personal interests and not those of the party.

Basha and his supporters will gather their Assembly on December 18. It is unclear what will happen because Basha has called illegal Berisha's gathering as the latter are pressing for the dismissal of the current chairman and massive protests of Democrats to overthrow PM Edi Rama have been announced. /