DP veteran leader Berisha tells Secretary Blinken ‘No to Political Bullying!’

In a strong reply to the comment of the US State Department spokesman, Ned Price published by Voice of America on Tuesday, the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha said in a comment carried by local media on Wednesday the criticism is not attacks.
"I have criticized the attitudes and statements of the US ambassador (Yuri Kim), which were not in line with my assessment of the country's laws and the Vienna Convention. I think that interpreting criticism as attacks is not right because it is a pure form of diplomatic bullying," said Berisha.
Further on he said that the Albanian people love the great friendly American people and their government, but the Albanians as a free sovereign nation and a member of NATO want to elect themselves in accordance with the laws of the country and vote their representatives in Parliament and the leadership of parties.
"Albanians have suffered more than any other nation from the Stalinist dictatorship of dictator Enver Hoxha, who, among other things, threatened them with the expression that we will eat grass, but we will not submit to the United States. So I think that the use of this expression of dictator Hoxha by the US representative as a threat to the members of the Democratic Party, who 30 years ago overthrew the Hoxha dictatorship, is an inadmissible collective insult and it deserves a public apology," said Berisha.
In addition he said that eight years after his departure from power, Albania today is called the first and only narco-state in Europe. "Despite all this, in a unique case in history, Secretary Blinken, misinformed by the corrupt lobbying of Edi Rama and the protector of the latter, multifaceted George Soros, designated Sali Berisha 'persona non grata' for significant corruption on May 19, 2021.”
He recalled that he had filed a lawsuit against Secretary Blinken with a Paris Court and invited him for the sake of transparency to present in court any fact, evidence or document to prove the accusation and the absolutely baseless decision. /Argumentum.al