DP's Basha against all- PM Rama, President Meta and his protege Berisha

In the National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) held in Tirana on Saturday, its chairman Lulzim Basha referred to what he called the "Bermuda Triangle", meaning here Prime Minister Edi Rama, President Ilir Meta and DP veteran leader Sali Berisha.

From the podium of the DP Assembly, the leader of the Democrats Basha said that his party is determined to destroy the "Bermuda Triangle" members, who, according to him, "for decades believe that their political survival is more important than the well-being of citizens." A loser in general elections since 2013 in the face of PM Edi Rama, the current DP head has taken the courage to speak of his determination to face this caste that wants Albania isolated, without rights, without freedom, without truth.

"The Democratic Party is committed to tearing down the Bermuda Triangle and its latest political product, the Edi Rama regime established through the election massacre," Basha told the participants in the Assembly. /Argumentum.al