DP’s Basha breaks the news that PM Rama to be declared persona non grata

The head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has said that he will break away from the Bermuda triangle and that he will offer Albanians a different future in a press conference from the DP headquarters on Tuesday. He said that Rama is behaving like a declared persona 'non grata' just like the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Berisha was designated as non grata by the US State Secretary, Antony  Blinken a few months ago under the charges of involvement in corrupt affairs. Berisha has filed a lawsuit against him with a Paris court which has accepted to handle the case.

"The triangle will be dismantled piece by piece and where the base falls the other parts will also fall. Yesterday (Monday) we saw a persona non grata and another is expected to be announced before the prime minister. The doors of the DP are open to Democrats. Using the criminal factor to intrigue us is not new. “This method is also used by Berisha. It is not a new thing - the Bermuda triangle will have this goal to inherit Albania with this model" said Basha.

Asked about the number of delegates who were present at the Assembly on December 18, Basha said: "If you were to pay attention to people, you would understand that the truth is what we said. I do not intend to return to this discussion," said the leader of the Democrats.

Among other things, Basha stressed that Edi Rama with the actions he is doing will soon be declared ‘non grata’. He called for Albania to move forward and break away from the individuals who have held it hostage for 31 years.

"I have no information, but I believe that following transparency, Edi Rama and many others deserve to be declared non grata. There is no doubt about it. He is behaving like someone who from moment to moment will be declared non grata. Our mission is not about Rama and Sali Berisha, but about the people. The path we have made ready is that of vetting, of the electoral system, of territorial reform, which restore power to the citizens. There are two ways. The first is that of the fair electoral system, of the forced appearance of politicians in the SPAK. The other way is the way of open criminal cooperation, as Rama is doing. Berisha did the same by breaking the door of the Democratic Party. This does not prevent us from restoring hope for the Albanians," concluded Basha. / Argumentum.al