DP’s Basha is ‘dismissed’ even by the Socialist majority!

After Prime Minister Edi Rama finished his speech in Monday's plenary session of Parliament, which had the 2022 bill on state budget on its agenda, Speaker Lindita Nikolla gave the floor to the current chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, who used the case for the next right of reply.  Unlike other times, the Prime Minister did not reply after Basha's speech, leaving the right of reply to the Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, Elisa Spiropali.

Lulzim Basha has had a problem of legitimacy crisis within his party since December 11 when the Assembly convened by (DP founder) Sali Berisha has claimed that it dismissed him by a majority vote of the delegates, a decision that was ratified by a referendum called by Berisha on December 18th.

But even the majority is abandoning Basha. Sources from the Government suggest, according to Report Tv on Monday, that the majority has a new strategy with the attitude towards the main opposition. Starting on Monday,  the exchange of remarks with Lulzim Basha have been delegated to Elisa Spiropali. / Argumentum.al