DP’s Basha replies to PM’s jokes making fun of him ‘borrowing’ a saying of Father Fishta

Some of the numerous jokes of Prime Minister Edi Rama related with the opposition, particularly with the head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha are epical.

The last one on Wednesday when Rama hinted that he will always be the phantom of Basha when he falls reaching out his hand to save him.

"I am just happy with the Democrats of 'locks' (Lulzim Basha). They will enter the house and remember me. They cannot avoid this. Then they will curse me. They will say that it's people's money; he has done nothing. The school principal here told me our school has more bathrooms than the whole Bubq had. That's why I'm in this task. To leave a good name and not be separated from Democrats as their shadow all my life. As a shadow that when they fall, it (Rama’s shadow) shakes their hands and says get up, we are together," said Rama on Wednesday.

As always short of wit he was short in his reply to Rama’s comments on Wednesday and Thursday turning to twitter on Thursday just quoting a saying of Father Gjergj Fishta: “Ignorance and pride walk together like the body and the shadow.”  / Argumentum.al