DP’s Basha says there is no election between him and Berisha as he is prepared for what December 11 can produce

The chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, declared that he is prepared, together with his party, for everything that can be 'produced' by what he described as the December 11 rostrum (Foltore). In an interview with Nisida Tufa on News24 on Tuesday, Basha said that the DP has mobilized all its energies in confronting the regime with a clear political agenda. "The Democratic Party and I are prepared for any situation. What I mean is this, there is a party that invests heavily to split the Democratic Party and this party is the regime, it is Edi Rama," he said.

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha described as Foltore in Tirana the Assembly to be convened by Sali Berisha on December 11. Basha said that there is no choice between him and Berisha because the head of the DP has just been elected by an overwhelming majority. He said that the DP Assembly is on December 18. Basha stated that if he went back again, he would take the same decision on former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, that of suspension from the parliamentary group.

"The Democratic Party has an Assembly on December 18 and anyone who is interested in a healthy debate, a real dialogue between Democrats and above all to put together the path to the future of the country, the path to the future not only of the Democratic Party, but to all Albanians, the Assembly of the Democratic Party is on December 18," said Basha.

Regarding the decision to expel Berisha from the DP parliamentary group following his designation as persona non grata by the State Department Basha said: “As I have said even if I was the man affected by the designation ‘non grata’ of the US the interests of the Democratic Party should prevail, the sacrifices and interests of the Democrats and not the concerns and personal interests of anyone, not even of Sali Berisha.” / Argumentum.al