DP's Basha speaking as if he decides on US foreign policy

"The US does not and will not cooperate with any political party led by a non grata or a non grata-backed party."

This statement was made by current Democratic Party (DP) head, Lulzim Basha in the region of Dibra, northeastern Albania, on Wednesday.

As if being a policymaker in the State Department, Basha went on in his delirium speech: "You have already heard that they are unequivocally on the side of the Democratic Party and they are waiting, looking forward to the day to celebrate the victory of the Democratic Party, but for it to happen we must remove the alibi from Edi Rama that there is no hope, that there is no alternative. It is this alibi that today unfortunately unites Edi Rama with Sali Berisha."

Further on he said there is hope, there is an alternative, it is called the Democratic Party of Albania, it is united and it is determined towards every democrat.

This is what Basha keeps saying but thousands upon thousands of Democrats dismissed him in the December 18 referendum after a 3- month 'trial' led by veteran DP leader Sali Berisha in a marathon meetings with the party grassroots.

They held Basha responsible for the failures of DP since 2013 and accuse him of being the opposition facade of PM Edi Rama.

DP authorities have set an ultimatum - January 5, 2022, on Basha to leave the DP Headquarters. / Argumentum.al