Dutch Ambassador expects with interest how dispute will end in DP

The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Albania, Reinout Vos has declared that the current developments in the Democratic Party (DP) are indicators of democracy, adding that he is waiting with interest to see how it will end and who will be the next chairman of the DP.

"Even in the Democratic Party we see that two congresses are being held. It may not be a good development, but at the same time, it is democracy within a party. It is very interesting to see how it will end," said the Dutch ambassador.

Vos made these comments at the University "Luarasi" where he had a conversation with excellent students after the screening of the film "Once upon a time in Venezuela" on Friday.

It should be recalled that earlier it was the EU Ambassador to Tirana, Luigi Soreca who said that he expects to cooperate with Berisha if elected chairman of the Democratic Party.

While three days ago, the spokesperson of the European Commission, Ana Pisonero, stated that the EU does not intervene in the internal situation in the DP.

The Dutch ambassador also spoke about the April elections, stressing that there was vote buying, but said that the opposition had real opportunities and won many seats in parliament.

"The final analysis is that the DP had the chances to win. They took several seats in parliament and that is not a small amount. Democracy is lived by the people," he said. Vos also referred to the issue of negotiations with the EU, reconfirming the position of the Netherlands towards Albania.

"We are strict and fair. We are now convinced that Albania must start formal negotiations to become a member of the EU. We need to push our Bulgarian colleagues a little further," said Ambassador Vos. / Argumentum.al