Editor's take/ Albania's PM unnerved to 'betray' North Macedonia in EU accession process

With the heinous unexpected demand of  Prime Minister Edi Rama to separate Albania's accession process with the European Union from North Macedonia next year practically the Open Balkans has fallen.

The disciple of the Initiative, Rama betrayed one of the few members of this undertaking so much criticised by senior authorities and boycotted by Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This shows not the fragility of the foundations of the initiative but its hypocrisy and the more so it brought up the fact that its three members are not at all sincere with each other.

It should be accepted that it's true that official Skopje has been so gallant telling Albania to go ahead with the accession process as its officials were aware of Bulgaria's stubbornness and its ridiculous stance without return for the time being.

But it should not be forgotten that when North Macedonia was a step forward it did not let Albania  down; rather its authorities declared solemnly that both countries will go on along the same track together as they started even the NATO membership.

It wouldn't have been a sacrifice for Premier Rama of Albania to wait and not hasten to undertake this step as official Tirana has been lobbying hard in favor of the Open Balkans.

A strong reason for Rama to wait and see until next year is the fact that many key countries in the Union are escalating their pressure on Bulgaria to give up its obstructive stance towards N. Macedonia. In the meantime, Serbia, the main player and equilibrist power in the region has nothing to lose in this puzzle. It tested the pulse of Tirana and Rama: they are his obedient 'soldier's. Serbia has already left its mark as the super power of the region with the Open Balkans having Rama in his 'small pocket'!

Rama's glory and trustworthy profile towards the initiative and particularly North Macedonia faded too soon without having time to glitter! / Argumentum.al