Flights suspended in 'Northern Wings' airport of Kukës as expected to restart next February

Flights have been suspended for two months at Kukes Airport, northeastern Albania, according to official information released on Monday.

"Air Albania" and "Helvetica" have not scheduled other flights from this airport named the 'Northern Wings', said director Altin Progonati, who revealed that the interruption is related to the decrease in the flow of flights and passengers in the winter season.

According to Progonati, flights are expected to resume at the end of February 2022, doubling both flights and destinations.

Kukes Airport started flight operations on June 9 this year with two airlines, to Zurich and Istanbul. During the period of its operation, more than 8,000 passengers were processed at Kukës International Airport in July and August alone.

Director Progonati said the airport had been certified since day one and there was no room for speculation about the flight process or operations, noting that it was built to international standards.

Although there are no flights, Kukës airport works every day with full capacity of employees, because, according to him, there are other jobs related to maintenance at the airport. /