Former FM's point of view/ Basha's December 18 DP Assembly without foundation and roof

Lulzim Basha is a politician without a backbone, who does not deserve to be at the helm of the Democratic Party (DP), has said the well known politician, Besnik Mustafaj.
Mustafaj, a former foreign minister and ambassador to Paris, made this comment in a comprehensive analysis on the situation in DP involved in two National Assemblies, which was carried by daily Panorama on Monday.
Mustafaj, who was a member of the commission to select the DP candidates for the April 25 general elections, noted that the DP has lost its sovereignty.
When he announced the expulsion of Democrat veteran leader Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group Basha testified that he had taken the decision outside his convictions, Mustafaj said. By reasoning politically, even beyond the connection that this decision had with himself, Berisha did not find it difficult to reach the political conclusion that the Democratic Party, through its chairman, had lost its sovereignty.
"And, from the very first meeting with the party grassroots, he announced that this move had the major goal of restoring sovereignty to the Democratic Party," Mustafaj said.
He stressed that the December 18 Assembly called by Basha after that of December 11 organized by Berisha, is a building without foundations, which will collapse.
"Arrogance could not compensate for the lack of political content, which this story had and needs. So even their attempt to convene a bis assembly on December 18 seems to me without any foundation. And, like all buildings without foundation , will collapse as soon as the roof is not placed," concluded the former FM. /