In the focus/ PM Rama hasn’t been on workers’ side since 2013, promises to be in the future

Socialist Party Prime Minister Edi Rama reiterated his anger against those who have made public the personal data of Albanians, but he is particularly furious over the leakage of the scandal with the stratospheric salaries and rewards of his administration ordering prosecution to investigate intensively to discover the culprits.

In the year-end press conference on Thursday, Rama said that "with the salaries there has been a very ugly event recently and of course a very disturbing one, but the criminal part of the event belongs to the prosecution."

Rama admitted that it is not that he did not know about the situation, but did not tell the Albanian public opinion why he as government head did not act, something which falls into the category of passive corruption.

According to his confessions, now it has come to his mind to ask all companies that give fictitious salaries to self-regulate declarations, and the deadline is January 20 next year.Playing with words he referred to the low pensions, the lowest in most parts of the world besides Africa, but justified himself saying how he could increase pensions in a country where the richest companies declare lower wages.

Hasn’t the prime minister known the tycoons of Albania who pay minimum salaries to workers and ridiculous social security?

Declaring unwillingly himself guilty, he said a new and quick reform will be done. "On the other hand, this will help us guarantee employees a real minimum wage. This government will be entirely on the side of the employees and we will stimulate them not to be silent," Rama said.

Rama has been in power since 2013 and what he says above shows that he has not been on the side of the workers.

There are numerous requests for the resignation of Rama in face of the latest scandal and according to many analysts this government has fallen.  But Rama is lucky having in front of him an opposition led by Lulzim Basha of the Democratic Party which is being challenged by the veteran leader Sali Berisha whose supporters have voted him out in a referendum held on December 18. A deadline – January 5- has been set for Basha to leave the DP Headquarters. /