Meta, Rama, Basha and Berisha Celebrate Separately Albanian National Youth Day

Albania commemorated student demonstrations in 1990, which led to the end of communism, a day which is a public holiday as National Youth Day. Its main political leaders marked it in different forms and separated, and some of them paid homage to the monument to Azem Hajdari considered as the hero of democracy.

On this occasion, President Ilir Meta paid homage on Wednesday to the statue of Azem Hajdari, in the "Democracy" square, in the Student City, in Tirana.

"It was an obligation to be here today in this place of Student City, the square of democracy, where the calls for 'freedom-democracy' sounded for the first time in Albania, together with the motto: ‘We want Albania like all of Europe!’ "I am here to honor the student movement, in particular the unforgettable leader, the hero of democracy, Azem Hajdari, who played a key, volcanic role in those critical moments in the history of Albania, but also all other students," President said.

Meta noted that "we must guarantee the European future of our country, away from any questions and empty excuses."

Asked about the developments in the Democratic Party (DP) Meta said that "I am not here to deal with such issues, but it is important that freedom, democracy, political pluralism return to the right track, along with the European future.”

In the meantime PM Edi Rama wished the Youth Day, while he reminded that in 2022 Tirana will be the European Capital of Youth. "Good morning and with the day that remains new every year, December 8, which is dedicated only to young people, and with Tirana, which in 2022 will be the European Capital of Youth, I wish you a beautiful day," said Rama, while sharing a promotional video on social networks.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha in a post on social networks said December 8, 1990 was the day that separated the past from the future and changed the history of Albania forever.

"31 years later, the call for Albania as the whole of Europe remains a challenge to fulfill the legacy of young men and women who sacrificed for freedom and democracy," said Basha, blaming the new dictatorship which is impoverishing the youth, making them leave the country.

In a separate event the Democrat leader, Sali Berisha paid homage to the monument of Azem Hajdari where he pledged that the moment of the re-foundation of the DP is coming.

"Edi Rama's calculations that by taking Lulzim Basha hostage he can take hostage the ideals of the Democratic Party and the Albanians have ended today. Today we come to a new December, of higher ideals, more determined than ever. We will re-establish the party of December ‘90, the party of youth and students, the party of freedom of Albanians, of free vote,” he said, adding that the event will be held at the AirAlbania arena.

On December 11, Berisha and his supporters will hold the DP National Assembly while the current head Basha will hold his own Assembly on December 18. /