News analysis/ Berisha's Foltore links Tirana- New Jersey announcing refoundation of DP and restoration of pluralism in Albania

The refoundation of the Democratic Party (DP), its conversion into a conservative political force and the restoration of the 'monument' of pluralism caught by the narco-state of PM Edi Rama were the main highlights of the virtual conversation of the historic leader of DP, Sali Berisha in the frame of Foltore whose participants were Albanian- Americans on Sunday. This time Foltore brought together Tirana and New Jersey where hundreds of Albanian-Americans exchanged views virtually with Berisha having as main objective the restoration of the lost dignity of the opposition.

"On December 11, we de facto reestablish the Democratic Party, we raise the monument of pluralism again in Tirana and we will give the country a true opposition in face of the one captured by the narco state," Berisha told the Albanian-American compatriots who are activists of the DP. "The Albanian opposition in complete impossibility never succeeded and could not impose free and fair elections. It did the opposite, following the policy of the adversary. It distorted the vote within the DP," Berisha said in the key speech in the announced event.

In addition he said Rama took the DP hostage, as Lulzim Basha implicated himself in serious affairs. 'Edi Rama who displays the barbaric, cruel legacy of his fathers, managed to take the opposition hostage, and turn it into a facade because its chairman spend 8 years from defeat to defeat allowing himself to be implicated in affairs where a conscientious man would not allow himself," Berisha said adding that December 11 is the reestablishment of the DP and it is a peaceful and unstoppable revolution.

"I want to warn, on your behalf, those who try or think to come forward or want to stop this great struggle for the freedom of Albanians."

Touching upon the decision of the US Secretary of State to design him as persona non grata, Berisha stressed that Blinken has been misinformed by the corrupt lobbying of Edi Rama and George Soros. "The truth is that on May 14 I was declared non grata by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. I answered back, saying that you were misinformed by the corrupt lobbying of Rama and Soros. The State Department itself said that the sources had been NGOs. and the media controlled by the current government," said Berisha who blasted out that he was declared non grata without any accusation from anyone by any individual or state on earth.

He revealed that revenge was because in the spring of 2017 he demanded  declaration of Soros non grata because he has poured millions of euros to destroy the DP. "I have demanded that Soros' activities be stopped outside America. Soros' attitudes have been anti-democratic and anti-national, as it is the Open Balkans, which has taken his name. It is a return to Serbian homogeneity in the Balkans," Berisha said amidst an enthusiastic crowd in a hall full of flags of Albania, the US and DP.

In the course of the meeting which lasted for almost two hours with many participants taking the floor the Republican Party activist, Evi Kokalari present in New Jersey said that she has seen the new DP Constitution and it makes the DP a similar force with the Republican Party.

"For you who are in Albania and do not see this hall- there are over 700 people. The reality is that the DP will be converted into a conservative Democratic Party. I have seen the new statute of the DP... Believe me, it's just like the American Republican Party," Kokalari said.

In the meantime Berisha was optimistic saying that there is nothing that defeats people who fight for their freedom. "You have heard from the chairman taken hostage that this movement is anti-American. I guarantee you that this is the most pro-American movement since the 1990s. The reality is that we are doing everything that the norms and standards that have made America the place of freedom be established in Albania, and we will succeed," said Berisha. /