News analysis/ On behalf of democrats Berisha asks Basha to resign and not hide behind files

The time has come for a new structuring of the Democratic Party (DP) and the installation of conservative values in this right-wing political force, said former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in the consecutive meeting with the democrats of Devoll and its surroundings in the frame of the conversations with the party grassroots so called Foltore.

He told the participants on Friday that an investigation has been opened against the current leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, in Belgium regarding the money found inside the "Toyota Yaris" car. He asked Basha to give explanations about this issue, as well as demanded his resignation from the leadership of the DP.

"Your signatures, your support and that of all Democrats in the most civil and peaceful way have transformed Albania as in a peaceful evolution of autumn that we are leaving behind," said Berisha, who added that the Foltore united around hundreds of thousands Democrats in a short time.

"You rose above the despair, pessimism and great pressure of the narco-state. Here we are today, we go safe. We are going safely towards December 11 to sign together the magnificent monument of the re-establishment of the DP and Albanian pluralism," said the veteran DP leader.

DP current head Basha has said he does not recognize the December 11 Assembly and has called another one on December 18.

Further on Berisha said that PM Edi Rama made Albania the black sheep of the Balkans and Europe in these years. "He impoverished and made Albanians more miserable. He displaced them from the nation in the first place for the average wages in the region in the last place. In Albania, medical services are paid more than anywhere else. Not coincidentally, a pandemic that plagued Europe and the world took more lives in Albania than in any other European country. Such is even the education in Albania.”

In addition Berisha said that the role of the opposition has been weak with the chairman held hostage over the last 8 years. "The opposition has failed in every initiative, except decriminalization. They have failed in everything, in every promise. They have failed to guarantee the rotation of power by vote," he said.

Touching upon another issue Berisha called on Basha to give explanations on the Toyota Yaris file. "Other files will be published in turn. I guarantee here that the Emirates project in Durrës will never take place as long as the DP is the most powerful force in the country," he said.

According to him, Belgian justice is independent. “Now, on your behalf I want to ask him (Basha) to resign and not hide behind the files. Edi Rama saved him, he has held him hostage with the file in Albania, but with the file in Belgium he is declared a member of the criminal organization," said Berisha.

In the meantime Berisha said ambassador Yuri Kim does not represent America, but George Soros. "Soros is the enemy of Albanian democracy and the national interest of Albanians. Soros is the sponsor of the massacre in the justice system, with all his political and financial power. Justice has become the branch of the executive. Today decisions are all made in Rama's offices. Soros told us about success. Soros destroyed justice and handed it over to Rama. This is Soros' political act. Mrs. Kim represents George Soros and not America," Berisha said.

Earlier in an interview with the European Center for Security Studies, George C. Marshall in Tirana on Thursday on the occasion of Liberation Day of Albania Ambassador Kim declared causing surprise in the Albanian public opinion:

"Albania is very clear who is friend and foe. Russia and China have very little influence in Albania."

But the DP veteran leader put the following question to Kim: "What does Kim have to do with November 29? She behaves as if she were the spokesperson of the Socialist Party, then she does it with Basha. It is not US policy to greet the election without complaints, it is Soros' policy, which has great power. "