News of the day/ Berisha warns Open Balkans will not pass through Albania at expense of Kosovo

The veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha unveiled in the town of Bajram Curri, northeastern Tropoja region, in the consecutive rally with his supporters on Wednesday that the current DP head, Lulzim Basha is in a drive to collect signatures offering government posts in the ruling majority.

For the last two days, the taken hostage chairman of DP, with a handful of vassals, has been trying to gather signatures by offering positions of directors and deputy ministers in Edi Rama's cabinet.

"Let's tell you you can join the government as traitors, but we will overthrow you in a short time," said Berisha as his marathon talk with party grassroots will conclude with the holding of the DP National Assembly on December 11.

No one knows what will occur after that event as Basha has declared it invalid aiming at holding a similar Assembly on December 18.

"We are on the verge of an historic event, the re-establishment of the DP because the leadership has been taken hostage. Without a Democratic Party and without a strong opposition there is no pluralism in Albania," Berisha said in front of a supportive crowd.

Touching among others upon the issue of the Open Balkans initiative launched by Serbian President Aleksandër Vucic and Albanian PM Edi Rama there was a sharp warning by Berisha to Serbian President to forget that the Open Balkans will pass across Albania.

According to Berisha, this initiative excludes Kosovo.

"The open Balkans has only one goal, the division of Kosovo, the transformation of  Macedonia and Albania into areas of Serbian hegemony. Therefore, from this platform I will send a message to the new Slobodan - forget that the Open Balkans will pass in Albania with the signature of Edi Rama. Think well, think many times before attacking Tirana as a friend of Edi Rama, because a whole nation will be on the road against you. We are and will work for normal relations, but never at the expense of Kosovo as he threatens Kosovo," Berisha said.

If Belgrade wants relations with Albanians, the condition should be the recognition of the Serbian genocide and the condemnation of inhuman massacres against Albanians, noted Berisha. /