No end to scandals on deconspiration of Albanians'personal data; PM to appear in prosecution

The head of the Tirana Prosecutor's Office, Elisabeta Imeraj, said on Friday that the prosecution is conducting all investigations into the issue of the salary publication scandal and that perpetrators of it will be revealed.

Imeraj stated that the Prosecution of the Tirana Judicial District is carrying out every necessary and proper investigative action within a framework allowed by law. "In relation to the case in question, I will say a few words briefly, given that it is a sensitive issue and due to the increased attention not only of journalists, but also of public opinion as a whole; the Tirana Judicial District Prosecutor's Office is carrying out every action necessary and proper investigation within a framework permitted by law. We are convinced that by the end of this investigation the actions will be intense and will be concluded with concrete decision-making. The investigative group is committed to carrying out appropriate investigative actions and we will normally catch the  perpetrators," she said.

Imeraj stressed that there will be another conference  during which the authors of the criminal act will be revealed.

While the Director of the Criminal Police Department said that “we are involved in the investigative group together with the Tirana Prosecutor's Office and we are carrying out the necessary actions. There is a special investigative group that is dealing with this issue."

In the meantime PM Rama said tha he is ready to go to the Prosecutor for the salary scandal: "I am very clear why they need salaries' scandal!"

After the salaries' scandal, the list with the license plates of the cars across this Balkan county has appeahe'd. "We have started research and search for support from the company that maintains the information system," said the relevant authorities of licence plates authority. /